10 Fun & Fantastic Race Medals

I know, I know. Running a race isn’t all about getting a medal once you cross the finish line, but it sure is an awesome feeling to have that medal around your neck. It’s even better when that medal is big, sturdy and blinged out in some way, like the medal from the Divas Half Marathon Series (hello…there’s a pink jewel on the front of the medal).

I only have five medals to my name, including two fairly small, flimsy medals from races I shall not name here, but I do have aspirations of adding more to my collection. Take a look at these ten fantastic race medals. While some are from past races, you can expect the current year’s medals will be just as amazing.

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1. Divas Half Marathon: Like I said, it has a jewel in the center of the medal. Enough said. The Divas Half Marathon is hosted in a number of cities across the country. I ran this race this past September. As a bonus, you also get a rose, tiara and a pink feather boa at the end.

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2. Walt Disney World Marathon: My Instagram feed has been overflowing with pictures from the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, and it’s no wonder, the medals are amazing. Entrants receive medals for participating in all races, including the 5K and 10K.

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3. Chilly Half Marathon: The medal is a chili pepper running. How can you not love that? This race is run up in Canada. I just noticed that the chili pepper looks glittery. Even better.

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4. Bad Bass Half Marathon: The medal says “Bad Bass,” but it looks like it reads “Bad Ass,” which is awesome. It also has a crazy looking bad ass bass on the medal. What’s not to love? This race is held in Castro Valley, CA.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon: These medals are from 2011 and 2012, but I love that the medals are hanging from Mardi Gras beads rather than a traditional ribbon. Nice touch. Pretty much all Rock ‘n’ Roll race medals are awesome, but I love the New Orleans ones the most.

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6. Texas Marathon: First of all, this medal looks HUGE. It’s also the state of Texas and it has a funny-looking cow on the medal. This medal is from 2013 but I can only image in the medal for this year will be just as big. They do do everything big in Texas, right?

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7. Garmin Marathon: Held in Kansas, I’m loving this Wizard of Oz– themed medal with the Tin Man and his heart on the front of the medal. Held in April, there’s still time to sign up. Maybe the Cowardly Lion or Scarecrow will be representing this year on the race medal.

8. Antarctica Marathon: Just the fact that there is an Antarctica Marathon is pretty amazing. Now can you imagine having a medal proving that you raced in this marathon? Wow. It’s coming up too, on March 9.

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9. Little Rock Marathon: Apparently the 2013 medal is the biggest medal created to-date and it does look huge. Plus, who doesn’t want an awesome medal with a lucky horseshoe? I love this one.

10. Wine Country Half Marathon: This is another race series, and the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon was my very first half-marathon. I was psyched too when I crossed the finish line because the medal was huge. Take a look at the Oregon Wine Country race medal to see what I mean.

Some of the races above are listed as half-marathons, others are listed as marathons, but in most cases the race features both a half and a full marathon, so you’ll still get a cool medal. What’s your favorite race medal? Let me know in the comments section below.

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